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Why Choose a Local Locksmith in Raanana

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When most people think of a locksmith in Raanana, they think they’re only there to open a locked door on a home or vehicle. While that is the primary reason that they are called in, it’s not the only function they perform. Locksmiths can do many things and are vital because they help you handle the security of your property. They keep your business, home, vehicle, and safe secure. Without their services, your home and possessions would be available to thieves and vandals.

Cut Keys

A locksmith in Raanana has professional tools to cut new keys from a mold. You may want a spare house or car key to give to a friend in case of trouble. While you can go to dealerships and many box chain-stores to get a new key made, they may not use the most appropriate material, and the key may have sharp edges or otherwise not work correctly. Locksmiths have professional equipment and ensure that the key matches the lock perfectly.

Along with that, they can make you a new key if you lose yours. You may lock yourself out of the house, but you could also lose your key while out shopping. Without the ability to cut new keys as needed, you could be required to replace the lock every time you lost the key.


Of course, a locksmith in Raanana can install a more secure locking mechanism on your front and back door, but they can also install them on windows, as well. Intruders look for any easy method of entry, and they are likely to try the doors and windows first. If you aren’t sure what you need, they can give you advice on which products are most suitable. With sturdy and strong locks in place, the intruder isn’t likely to stick around for long.

Along with the installation of locks, they can also install a safe in your office or home. You probably keep valuables in both locations, whether it includes family jewels or essential documents. If a thief does break the window and gets inside, you don’t want them finding these possessions. It adds another layer of security to your home or business. Plus, if you already have a safe and can’t find the key or have misplaced it, they can help you open it or make a new key for you.

Why Local

It’s essential that you choose a locksmith in Raanana because that is where you live or work. You don’t want to wait hours for someone to arrive. Even if they offer emergency services, they still have to travel to your location. If they’re in another city, it can take longer for them to arrive. You may have children with you or be in inclement weather and not want to wait long periods. Along with such, some locksmiths are larger companies with smaller branches throughout the area. This can also be beneficial to you, as they deploy a professional closest to your location so that you don’t have to wait.

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