Locksmith Herzliya

Reasons to Hire a Locksmith in Herzliya


With busy schedules and daily life responsibilities, you probably find it a chore to keep your keys safe and sound.

You may toss them on the table just inside the house, keep them on your belt loop or prefer to keep them in your purse. Some people leave them locked in the car while they do their errands.

No matter how you prefer to store your keys, there comes a time where you lose them. In some cases, you know they’re somewhere in the house. At others, you could have dropped them while at work or shopping. If you know where you left them, you can quickly go and retrieve them.

However, what happens when you don’t know where the keys are or you locked them in the house with you standing outside in the heat or rain? If you have a spare set (either with a friend or hidden on your property), you may be fine.

However, if they aren’t available or you don’t have a spare set anywhere, you should call a locksmith in Herzliya for help.

Lost or Damaged Keys

It happens to everyone at some point. You thought your house key was the one to unlock the car and bent it or broke it off completely or you lost them and have no idea where they’ve gone.

A locksmith in Herzliya can be there quickly and can make a new key for you or get into your home or car so that you can retrieve the set you lost.

Many times, they’re available 24/7, though you should call them ahead of time (before they’re needed), to find out their normal business hours or emergency number to contact.

Don’t Damage the Lock/Frame

Some people plan a DIY adventure when they lose their keys or lock them in the house/car. However, you can do some serious damage to your front door or vehicle if you try to get inside yourself. Sometimes, you can’t see the damage, but the door doesn’t shut correctly afterward. Instead of trying to go it alone, call a locksmith in Herzliya. They’ve got appropriate tools and equipment to get inside without harming the locking mechanism or the door itself.

Plus, newer vehicles may have anti-theft devices which won’t allow you to break into them. You may have no alternative than to hire someone with the right tools to get you back inside.

If you had the key and tried to use it, but it broke off inside the lock, a locksmith in Herzliya can be of service, as well. They can get the broken key out of the lock and also get you a new key. If they cannot do so or you’d rather they didn’t, they can also remove the old lock/doorknob and replace it for you.


In most cases, locksmiths do not charge you for travel, so if they take an hour to get there, you’re not charged for that. You’re only charged based on the work they perform.

Locksmith Herzliya
Locksmith Herzliya

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